UPnP Picture Viewer

The Viewer allows a user to stream digital photos across a network and display them on a television set. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) is a set of networking protocols designed to simplify the sharing of data across a network. The Viewer interacts with one or more UPnP MediaServers that are located on a local network, finds any pictures the MediaServers are sharing, then allows a user to browse and view those pictures on any S-Video compatible display. At its core is a WIZnet W7100 Internet MCU. The W7100 is an integrated networking solution, combining a hardware TCP/IP core and an 8051 compatible microcontroller. An Epson S1D13746 TV controller provides S-Video output. Control is possible via a universal IR remote control, which is demodulated by a Vishay TSOP34838 IR receiver and decoded in software. In addition to manual control, an automated slideshow feature is available.