DSP Multieffects Pedal

This is a project I was working on for the Microchip 16-bit Embedded Control 2007 design contest, but didn’t have time to officially submit. My entry was going to be a high quality multieffects processor for electric bass guitar based around the Microchip dsPIC33FJ128GP306 digital signal processor. I wanted the pedal to resemble an analog one, so all control is done with switches and potentiometers. Some of the effects that I implemented were a fuzz, flanger, chorus and delay. Input and output signal filtering were implemented, along with an output amplifier to control the volume. The audio was sampled at 44kHz and 16-bit, giving a fairly high quality sound. This is a pretty cool project because it really pushes the capabilities of the processor. Most digital effects pedal use a high end DSP that can be difficult to program, but the dsPIC chip is really cheap and is as easy to program as other PICs. It really shows off how you can do a lot with a little.